Masculinity In Society

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Men in America

In the recent years there has been a greater amount of attention brought to the gender roles in America. This is prevalent in many different forms in our society including advertisements and articles. In the Article “The men America left behind” by Kirsten Weir we take a look at the many roles that men take on compared to the women in our current American society. Kristen Weir is a well-known female author that specializes in the science and health industry. These attributes of “masculinity” in men are often the effects of women finding these characteristics attractive in men. We will notice the effects that these roles have on men, including stress and disconnection that men may feel. Men in the American society form strict
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This stereotype persuades men to not cry and to ignore many of the medical problems that they may have. For example, many men may delay scheduling doctor’s appointments. “When the men saw a doctor, they minimized their symptoms--when their doctor was male. The men were more honest with a female doctor, most likely because they felt less pressure to appear tough.” (Morin par. 3). This means that men are still stuck trying to show masculinity. Many men in today's society may not have the skills to talk to someone about their emotions researchers believe that this traditional stereotype may be one of the reasons men tend to die five years earlier than women. Another result that is caused by this is the suicide rate in men around their fifties, this statistic has increased by 50 percent from 1999 to 2010 and this is where we saw the biggest push for equality in our society between women and…show more content…
The effects discussed in this essay are just the past and present effects. But we can expect to see an increase in all of these effects. There are many ways to stop this issue, including the stop of gender role shifts or a bigger push in men seeing psychiatrists. We would not encounter this issue if traditional gender roles did not play this relevant of a role in our everyday life. I believe that women are a major catalyst for this increase in stereotypes of men. If women were to stop finding that certain men are attractive based on toughness or dominance and even career choice, there would be a decline in the number of men in distress. I feel that many men find it hard to change when different people want them to act different or even the same person wants them to act dominant but be able to cry. This is a major issue that we have come by in the recent years with woman wanting equality in the gender roles. An example is them wanting equality, but then them saying that they still feel that guys need to be the ones to open doors or pay for

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