Masculinity In Superman

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Bibliographical Entry Love, B., Thompson, C.M, & Knapp, J. (2014). The Need to Be Superman: The Psychosocial Support Challenges of Young Men Affected by Cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 41(1), E21-E27. Problem The problem in the article is that Men are supposed to be the so called “Bread Winners” of their household, but when diagnosed with cancer they are sometimes forced to take a step down from that role and that affects them psychosocially. Comments: the factual research provided evidence that men truly are affected psychosocially and the results from the data collected helped to find different options available. Purpose The purpose of the present study was “To Investigate how gender specific issues shape the experience of young adult men with cancer and…show more content…
Summary Researchers found that discussions of masculinity impact men’s ability to seek, give, and receive emotional support. The men that the information was gathered from concluded that they found it difficult to seek help. In other words they believe they cannot or should not go to others for help. Young men from the ages of 21 to 36 are affected most by this accusation because they are actually aware of the role that society perceives on men. Masculinity is a barrier that affected peer, romantic, and family relationships. Comments: The summary section of the article was somewhat difficult to locate. It was found in the discussion section of the article. My summary of the article is that young men have a hard time expressing themselves emotionally because of the stress that society puts on the concept of masculinity. The most efficient way for young men to express their feelings was to express them with their significant other. This also created a stronger more efficient relationship and helped with communication.

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