Masculinity In Bahamian Society

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The effects of Bahamian Male Masculinity.

The Bahamian society has created socially constructed views of males which are prescribed as the ideal and appropriate ways for a male to act. These rules and views include prescriptions of ways for males to act, present themselves, which attitudes to hold and not to hold. Many males Bahamians believe that they must maintain power, a tough image for street credit, and become a disloyal womanizer to portray and achieve true masculinity. In the Bahamian society many males believe that is not masculine to be invested in education and many males are totally detached from becoming educated. Men destructive behavior of true masculinity drastically effects Bahamian Society such as increasing the amount of
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In the Bahamian society violence is prevalent significantly by the men in our society. In the Bahamian society males are always taught not to express their emotions which lead to aggression. Many males go through their lives and are taught that “Big boys do not cry” by Parents, other adults or friends. Males throughout their childhood lives would being called “punks” and teased if they were to simply shed a tear and show their emotion when hurt or upset. The emotions which many males hold in often result in aggression or violence. A large amount of the crime in the Bahamas are committed by men. According to a news article written by Sandra Stubs “Police say 70 per cent of local murders are committed by young men between the ages of 18 and 35 - and their victims are usually other young men.” Many men in the Bahamian society are viscous and violent individuals. These marginalized youthful males either go in to the construction field, join a gang or engage in criminal behavior inclusive of drug dealing, stealing and housebreaking. Take note of how many males are hauled before our judicial system on a daily…show more content…
Firstly in the Bahamian society the absence of father figure in the home is predominant. Many males in the Bahamian society have unprotected sexual intercourse with a variety of women and impregnating them defining their true masculinity. Later the irresponsible men leave the mother to nurture and take care of the child by themselves. As a result of lack of father figures in the home many children tend to rebel against their mothers having no father figure too discipline them. Many of the inhumane crimes that take place are committed by young adults from single parent home. Furthermore as a result of absent father in the home children also result in joining gangs and contributing to the increasing crime rate. Gangs form because young boys are looking for someone to substitute their absent fathers. Gang members take care of each other’s families offering support and loyalty. One of the essential needs in this life is to feel as though one is a part of something. When the young men and women join these gangs they begin to commit crimes which result in them being killed or sent to jail. A Great example can be taken from the documentary ‘I’s man”. A gentle Shared his experience of when he was a young boy his father was absent from his life. The gentlemen expressed how he began to rebel and joined gangs. Many

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