Masculinity In The Film 'Don T Cry !'

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The film explains about that masculinity is a cultural in America’s social. When boys youngest age, the people told to” Be a man!” “Stop show the emotion!” “Don’t cry!” “Don’t be sissy!” suppresses their human. Most boys are in dangerous because they become isolation, thoughts of suicide, school shooters, and murders. Father’s visions of son typical boy behavior like as rough and tumble play, risk, and play in sports. In common father pressure on son to become masculinity and force boys to involve and listen father’s command than boy’s dream. Most of the time boys have hard to expression their feeling because they do not want share with feeling with other people and to avoid be weakness. The film encourage and make few goals for the social change their attitude toward to masculinity culture.…show more content…
I grew up with mother and no good father role in my life. My mother always control me and avoid get bad influence from other. My mother was very protects me from the social until I went to deaf school and live in dorm and boys change me a lot because I have no idea their behavior masculinity. I remember boys keep bullied me for not play in sports and I decide to join two sports so I do not have to worry boys bullied on me. My mother worried about me because I change behavior from school and dorm. She moved new place near to school and no more dorm for me. I understand how mothers feel about their sons when boys change behavior from school or teenage peer. Mothers fear every day and my mother are still worry about me even I am old

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