Masculinity In The Glass Key

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The imagery in this novel is what immediately hooked me into the story, I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed descriptions of each character, which was a pleasant surprise after our last reading, which failed miserably to do the same. The detailed descriptions are extremely beneficial to the storyline because it helps move the plot along while also further enticing the reader in the process. Also, I quickly noticed that unlike any of our other readings, the main female characters are permitted to have vices. The women are allowed to be promiscous and to drink alcohol. We see this immediately through the unrefined and "un-ladylike” behavior of Carmen and Vivian. These vices seem to not be limited just to men as a way to highlight masculinity which is remarkable.…show more content…
And, although women are illustrated by the narrator in a very sexual sense, through outlining every vulumptuous aspect of their appearance, it seems as if their sex appeal is more of a power play pitched in their favor and less of a means to objectify them. It’s almost as if their looks make them dominant and

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