Masculinity In The Police Force

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Police officers constantly at risk for becoming victims of physical and psychological violence (Gutierrez, 2013) in the line of duty. In serving and protecting the people, the deal with criminals, murderers, domestic dispute, negative portrayal in the media, civil unrest, and organizational challenges (Karaffa, 2012; Gutierrez, 2013). Police officers often feel misunderstood and unappreciated by the general population despite their efforts to protect and serve, as a protective measure, they form bond with each other and develop ways to effectively cope with the challenges unique to the job as a group. Police officers had a distinct set of norms and values and as a result of their shift work officers tend to socialize with each other (Karaffa, 2012). The predominance of males in the police force (80%) has fostered masculine values such as toughness, aggression and machismo by reinforcing emotional control and toughness even in the light of danger.…show more content…
In the literature, there have been debate of whether police officers drink to relieve stress or to enhance social bonding. However, the main point is that police consumes more alcohol that the general population. In a classical research, Pendergrass and Ostrove (1986) found that female officers drank more alcohol than women in the general population. He attributed this to the police culture. Research also indicated that males opt to bond via consuming alcohol and socializing with colleagues than
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