Masculinity In The Prince Of Los Cocuyos

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In the memoir, The Prince of Los Cocuyos, the performance of masculinity of the people is illuminated. This is seen with most of the men conforming to the gendered expectations of a man, some confidently defying and conforming at the same time, and Riqui not daring to disturb the universe, but having a hard time conforming to all the expectations. As a child when it was just his grandmother giving him a hard time about acting and looking like a man, Riqui defied many of the gendered expectations. However, when these expectations started coming from friends then he started to attempt to act like he was expected. Riqui defies gendered expectations of a boy through his interest in the girly things like Cinderella, dolls and makeovers; however, …show more content…

She controls everything he does to make sure that he is following the gendered expectations. However, even with all her push, he likes what he likes and cannot control his interests. When they were on vacation with his cousins, he says, “Without Abuela patrolling me, I could blow-dry Carla’s hair, put lipstick and eye shadow on Denise, maybe even paint my fingernails with clear polish, I dared to daydream” (121). These are activities that girls would be excited about doing, but Riqui was even more excited about these things than his primas. This interest in makeovers definitely shows how he defies the gendered expectations of a boy. The reason that abuela would disapprove of this activity is because she thinks within the boundaries of gendered expectations, and makeovers are not things that are, as abuela would say, “appropriate for un hombre” …show more content…

Strength and height are big factors in looking masculine, so his father was also very proud, right along with abuela of course. He says, “Viste, what an hombre I’ve made of him” (202). Meeting this gendered expectation of looking like a man gets him praise from everyone, so he continues to conform. He even compares himself to Ariel saying, “was I as muscular and ripped as Ariel? I flexed my biceps and sweaty abs in front of the bathroom mirror” (225). This shows how he is becoming competitive and worrying more about how he is seen by other people, which is also typically a characteristic of

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