Masculinity In The Mask You Live In

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There are many battles we people go through during times where we are forced to walk down a path of terror. In high school this may be the bullies and having to maintain masculinity as a student or even having to suffer abuse at home. “The Mask You Live In” Discusses many of these issues that teens must face such as being bullied, sad, depressed and the issues on suicide. There also can be a silver lining in to masculinity as there is in everything but our main focus will be how it hurts our children. Masculinity can be a very destructive force towards kids and cause them to go down a darker path that no one should eve face. The audience can relate to the pain masculinity will cause them to show the destruction it will cause our children.…show more content…
Using the analysis from the film we can then explore and define the ideas behind masculinity to get better insight on this. Americas idea of masculinity is defined within the film as being assertive and constantly showing your strength. I say this because one part of the film the researchers begin to show us a video of a military man and showing us the strength that this man has. They also describe how super heroes are usually packed with muscles and are trying to save the world. So, masculinity could be defined as being strong on the outside and being able to defend yourself as well as defending the people around you while sacrificing your…show more content…
This is because throughout most of this film they are pulling in teens and having them talk about their own life experiences and the effects school and people around them had on their wellbeing. One part of the video a teacher begins to explain masculinity and the effects it has on our children. Than he goes on to “have children right what they fake emotionally every day on one side of a paper and what they are really dealing with on the other side of the paper” The Mask You Live In: Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2016. Most of the kids wrote good things on one side but on the other side you would see things like sadness, fear and hate written. This shows the true feelings kids are Holding back rather than showing how they truly feel they have to hide it do to this culture fixed on masculinity. This could be bad for a young kid because they could blow up while bottling up these feelings. Even a young child named Roman says this in the video from the mask you live in he tells us “when you have these feelings inside there’s no way to get rid of these feelings out” The Mask You Live In: Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2016. This shows the audience is meant to appeal to younger people because they reference and use younger people to talk and show some of the negative effects of
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