Masen Noor Case Study

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Every company has its Point of Parity (POP) and its Point of Differences (POD), the challenge is to expand on its differences so that it will stay competitive in the market. When a company slacks down than it becomes less profitable and may even fail. The research is conducted between Masen Noor and ACWA. It will show the differences between the two companies. 7.1 Point of Parity (POT) The comparison between Masen Noor and ACWA Power on the onset is almost identical. The product that these two companies provide are technology, finances and training. Companies tend to research and study the comparison of their competitors so that they may find ways of becoming better, and provide a better product to its clients. In this case Masen is…show more content…
Other ideas. Table 9 The 4 Ps for Masen Noor P). Product: The product must be available to the customers. The company must provide different brands for the customers. It also must innovate its product frequently so that it stays competitive around the world. As time changes, the company should always change with the times. Providing every five years, will keep the client interested and wanting to come back to see what is being designed. P. Price: The price must be set where the clients can afford it and are capable of paying their electrical bill. If the product is designed and manufactured well, the clients will rush to purchase it. P. Place: The location must be having continuous sunlight. Morocco has kilometers of dessert ideal for solar panels. By partnering with other companies, Masen is able to meet its requirement in less than five years. P. Promotion: Every company must have a very good promotion and advertisement plan. The main way of promoting itself is through media and advertisement. Although some products are well known, letting the purchaser know what is available goes a far way to selling the product. Morocco must educate the public of the need for clean air energy. Through, tv, social networks, and newspapers, it is capable of advising the public of its
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