Masina Short Story

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Masina is the smallest kingdom amongst the world. With a population just over 100 000, their army is just little over 9000. Masia are trying to avoid many conflicts as possible just the opposite of their mighty neighbor Orius who are war heavy.

The king of Masina Philippe Baldr is old and doesn’t have any ambition to improve or expand their kingdom.

Philippe Baldr has two sons and one daughter, the oldest one is Liam and he is 17 years old. The youngest is the daughter Luna who is 14 years old. The middle one is called Aren and he is 15 year old. Philippe has only one wife in his entire life and it’s Elene Linkens, a noblewoman from the kingdom Bahari.

Masina is religious and believes in the Sky God Baldr. That’s why the ancestors
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Each year Masia need to pay Orius 1000 gold coins, 2000 silver coins, 500 sheep wool, 400 barrels apples and alcohol, 100 of the finest girls in Masia and finally 300 leather as tribute.”

“This is ridiculous!” Wallace shouted

The king and the ministers have the same thought as Wallace.

“Preposterous!” one of the ministers shouted

“What do you think, Liam?” The king asked his son opinion

Liam Baldr is the crown prince of Masina, it’s not a surprise he is here. His two younger siblings are still following lessons with a homeroom teacher, so they haven’t time for this.

His hair resembles of his father which is black. He got a good looking face, inherited from his mother. Even though he is just 17 but thanks to his tall stature, he looked like an adult.

“.....Eh? What did you just say?” Liam asked

Everyone in the room sighed and silently thought “Even though he is blessed with such good looks, his brain can’t keep up with his face.”

The king looks at his son with a disappointed face and thought “Even though I don’t have any ambition, at least I still have my own thoughts. If Liam becomes the king, I pity the common
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Our country will be totally ruined after losing our most important cities! And we are not even talking about the tribute we need to pay to the Oriusians.”

Lucius just nodded without saying anything.

Inside the throne room, Philippe,Wallace and the others are staring at Lucius with a tense look.

They have no choice to let this incompetent prince to decide the fate of Masina. They realize how stupid and useless he is but tradition need to be keep. The children of the royal family all possess one vote when they reached the age of sixteen. So Aren the second prince and a much smarter person than his brother Liam need to wait one year.

“My son, D-did you understand what we are voting for, don’t take this lightly!”

Hell, of course I understand what I’m voting unlike other people on a certain place.

“I vote against the surrendering!” Lucius shouted so everyone can hear him.

Tobias who is standing next to Lucius is crying in joy.

The others who have voted for surrendering are silently cursing Lucius “Idiot! There is no reason to offend Orius.”

King Philippe realize the severity of the situation and said “I’m afraid I will overrule your rule,
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