Mask In Lord Of The Flies

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According to the FBI, there were 1,490 murders involving knives in 2013. On the other hand, the number of amazing dishes produced by Gordon Ramsay were numerous. The point being, a knife can be used to cook or to kill. Its utility is wholly dependent on who uses it. Similarly, a mask is only as good as the person who uses it. There are several cultures with rich history involving ceremonies with masks; meanwhile, masks have gained a negative connotation after years of popular culture’s misuse. In horror movies and dystopian novels, the usage of masks to symbolize mob mentality is common. This holds true even in Lord of The Flies, where Golding uses physical masks, i.e. camouflage, to express the children’s innate savagery and submission, whereas…show more content…
In “Richard Cory” by Edwin Robinson, the titular character uses a metaphorical mask to conceal his depression and troubles. He wears it due to his desire of upholding the expectation of the townspeople. Cory, someone who was wealthier and blessed with riches, lived separately from the townspeople. Hence, whenever Cory “went down town / we people on the pavement looked at him” (Robinson 1-2). Adequately intelligent, Cory realizes the jealousy of the commoners with their gazes constantly resting upon him, so he utilizes a mask. When realizing that he is considered superior to the townspeople, he is pressured to maintain the mask of perfection so as to not offend them. Even more, Richard Cory is forced to uphold the farce of happiness due to the envy of others. The townspeople “thought that he was everything / to make [them] wish that [they] were in his place” (Robinson 11-12). Cory is aware of what the townspeople coveted: his wealth, knowledge, his mannerism and his glamour. Therefore, Cory is unintentionally excluded by the townspeople due to the respect and admiration they exhibit, making it a difficult task for Cory to ask for their help. Therefore, whilst having control over the mask, Cory is still pushed between the devil and the deep sea. Richard Cory chooses to wear a metaphorical mask of perfection, but due to the envy and expectations
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