Maslow's Hierarchy In Student Life

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Analysis and application of Maslow’s hierarchy in student life Introduction: The analysis and application of Maslow’s hierarchy in student life is to work of the classroom teacher they meet with students their cognitive needs and basically they fulfill their psychological needs that when child is hungry so it is unable for him to focus on his work or perform his duty task basically it provide a foundation in your personal growth development so learning should be continue throughout life in direct manner and it is important in children life we learn characteristic of adult learning and observe that how teacher transfer the theory into the learning with adults . Maslow is a theory learning with adults it is a task of teacher to understand the needs and concept of student motivation and psychological, esteem, aesthetic, and self-actualization in Maslow’s hierarchy. Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs in student life: The Maslow’s hierarchy needs in student life are as following they are classical depiction of human motivation following are basic 5 needs which are important in student life. 1. Physiological needs: These are the basic need of Maslow’s hierarchy that it include air, food, water, clothing, shelter and your other psychological needs for basic amenities of life. 2. Safety needs: Safety needs include physical, environment, protection and emotional safety for instant job security, financial security, and protection from animals, health security and

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