Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs In Frankenstein

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The Divided and Disturbed Duo Articulating the mind is a complex commodity, but over time numerous highly regarded theories have developed about certain aspects of the mind and individual. Abraham Maslow formed his hierarchy of needs, a fundamental basis for the steps of which a person 's necessities and desires flourish and grow―or crash and fall―together as a unit. In order of the foundational essentials to the more intricate forms of these requirements, Maslow’s pyramid starts with the lower-level needs, being the basic physiological dependencies for life, along with safety and security, then moves to the higher-level needs, being the feeling of love and belongingness as well as esteem and confidence. When all prior needs are met, and individual is capable of attaining the highest state of mind of a self-actualized being. In Frankenstein,…show more content…
In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Victor and the monster represent one mind divided into two different beings, where, when looked at individually seem helpless and weak, but when looked at as one mind, fulfill all the significant necessities of life described in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. They each share the same fulfillment in the two lower-level needs, but in different styles that enhance their unified mind. As for the higher-level needs, both individuals make up for one another’s lacking for a trait. Victor and the monster also each have their own qualities of a self-actualized being, which complement each other even more when looking at them as a whole. Without one another, as seen in the story, both individuals are impotent and vulnerable, but when viewed as two pieces of one larger being, the two reach the highest form of mind one can acquire. The mind is an intricate system, to say the least, but it is also beautiful in the sense of what it can do and how it thrives. Without a conscience, or an entire conscience in that respect, it is only a matter of time before an individual will inevitably crash and
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