Applying Maslow's Theory Of Motivation

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Application of motivational theories

Maslow’s theory shows that there are different types of needs through which an individual progresses. A manager must be aware of the fact that there are variations among people in terms of needs. Since people differ in their needs, perception and satisfaction levels, a rigid approach to motivation may not work. By observation, interaction and listening to subordinates, a manager can gain an insight into the need level is through surveys and analysis of grievances. A manager must take a look at the nature of complaints of his people, which may indicate their needs and expectations.
Efforts must be undertaken to satisfy not only the monetary needs of employees but also the social, esteem and actualization
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Managers have the tendency to spend them on dissatisfies. But the real payoff is in motivators or satisfiers. Compensation plans and other incentive programs should contain both maintenance and motivational features. Job enrichment is one way of making jobs interesting and meaningful .It involves putting meaning into jobs. To achieve this, the jobs must have opportunities for achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement and growth. However, when Hogan established a worker productivity group, a “Suggestion of the week “committee, an environment group, a worker award group, and a management relations group. Each group held two meetings a week, one without and one with…show more content…
So, no one theory or application of a theory is suitable for all situations. A manager must look into his own situation, the needs and expectation of his subordinates and come up with a course of action suitable and effective in motivating them. Of course, knowledge of these theories will help to diagnose the situation and prescribe a course of action.
In motivating people for higher productivity and better performance, an important step for Ms Hogan is determining what they want to get out of their jobs. Research studies conducted in this area show a variety of things people like to get by working. These things include security, meaning in whatever they perform, freedom to function, a voice in matters affecting them, congenial associates, better or satisfactory working condition and so on. As a result of these finding, a number of step have been taken in many organization to fulfill these demands and expectation. Various researchers and scholars have suggested some specific programs. Let us briefly examine some of

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