Maslow's Theory Of Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is multifaceted concept that has variety of definitions and connected with many variables. It is a topic of concern for both of people who manage employees in the organizations, and those study them. According to the Maslow (1954) theory, human needs were ordered in five levels hierarchy from the physiological needs, security, socialization, esteem, to self-actualization. Needs at the lower level of this hierarchy should be saturated before those in the higher levels. Based on this theory (Worf, 1970) has been defined job satisfaction as need fulfillment, if the job provides the employees with their physical and psychological needs in their job settings. While, (Conrad et al., 1985) defined it as a connection between needs that the employees perceive they need it and those they perceive having it from their job.…show more content…
They clarified how satisfaction and dissatisfaction are separated. The intrinsic factors which they named with 'motivators ' are job satisfiers such as; responsibility, achievement, and recognition. While the extrinsic factors which they named with 'hygiene ' factors are job dissatisfiers like; salary, organization administration, policy, and working conditions. Thus job satisfaction is a function of contentment with the various elements of the job (Herzberg and Mausner, 1959). And it is the employees ' affective orientation toward work (Price,
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