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I have lived in Mason County, West Virginia for 20 years and had not noticed how much art there is within the county. First, I thought art had to be a painting or a sculpture, until I took an Art Class at MOVC with Mr. Jan Haddox. Mr. Haddox said on the first day “Art is what you like, it can be creative or unique, and does have to just be a painting or a sculpture.” This is what opened my eyes to the art in Mason County. First, the piece of art that sticks out the most to me is the floodwall along the Ohio River. The floodwall shows the Battle of Point Pleasant, a bloody war between Native Americans and early Americans. The murals are meant to be seen at a distance, but even close you can see how much detail and time was spent into painting…show more content…
There are many different barns throughout Mason County that has a Quilt Block hanging. Each barn has a slightly different block and adds a pop of color when you’re driving throughout Mason County. The Quilt Blocks always grab my eye to see what deign is hung and how pretty it makes the barn look. The final piece of art that sticks out to me old Mail Pouch Barn on Route 2, like you’re going to Huntington, WV. The barn use to be run down with the Mail Pouch painted on the sign, now it is bright pink. The painted the one sign of the the barn bright pink and put stuff on that side to do with Breast Cancer Awareness. I like this piece of art work for two reason it stands for something that means a lot to me and it gives Gallipolis Ferry/ Apple Grove some modernization with the bright color. In conclusion, there are many different art pieces within Mason County. My favorites are the Battle of Point Pleasant Murals on the floodwall, the barn Quilt Blocks throughout Mason County, and the Susan G. Komen “Mail Pouch Barn”. Next time, you’re out an about in Mason County, West Virginia look at the fine art work we have and remember art isn’t just paintings an

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