Maspion Group Case Study

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Backgrounds The Maspion Group was founded by Alim Husin in Surabaya, East Java. Its embryo was CV Hen Chiang, which was established in 1954 to operate in metal processing producing oil lamps. In 1961, Alim Markus established PT. Logam Dajwa to produce aluminum, metal table wares, kitchen wares and utensils with a capacity of 6,000 tons s per year. In 1991, the company began to export part of its production. That year, exports were valued at US$ 15 million to other Asian countries and Europe. In 1971, PT. Maspion was established later to become the holding company for the Maspion Group. The operations of the Maspion Group are handled by five children of Alim Husein including Alim Markus, Alim Mulia Sastra, Alim Puspita, Alim Satria, and Alim Prakasa. The five childrens hold the…show more content…
Trisulapak Indah producing carton sheets and carton boxes mainly to be used by the company group. There are still a number of subsidiaries including PT. Indal Steel Pipe, PT. Anekakabel Ciptaguna, PT. Shanghai Maspion Oleo Chemicals Industry, PT. Shanghai Maspion Toothpaste Industry, PT, Soam Maspion Terminal, PT. Heisei Stainless Steel Indonesia, PT. Piaget Jatim Pratama, and PT. Dovechem Maspion Terminal. Among its big subsidiaries are PT. Maspion producing household appliances and health care equipment, Maspion Square operating in retail property business, Maspion Bazaar in retail business and Bank Maspion in banking industry. Household appliance and electric goods industries are the locomotive PT. Maspion, which operates in metal kitchen wares, plastic house wares, and electrical appliances industry. The company, which has the status of PMDN, has five factories in Surabaya and Gresik, East Java. It exports 30% of its production to various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Middle East, USA, etc. Its products with the brand of Maspion have been popular in the

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