Mass Communication And Media

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More than a Billion people watch something on television, while other few hundreds preferred watching the same thing online. Some love reading newspaper while others like reading them online. This is a short example of what we call mass communication media. Some of the popular forms of mass communication and media are newspaper, magazines and radio. This assignment is written to uncover personal experiences with almost all types of media. According to Andrew Perrin (2010), young adults whose ages between (18 and 29) are most likely to use social media by 90% of the time. As for gender differences, men and woman use social media at almost similar rates. Interviewing (B.S), a thirty year old male from Kuwait, I found him very interesting, he explained his love for social media saying its “entertaining” however, he didn’t seem to use it much. He was a listener as he clarified “ I used to listen to the radio every morning while having breakfast, and my dad used to read the newspaper out load so we could listen, I got my first cell phone when I was twenty that was 10 years ago, that is why I’m not very attached to social media” and so when I asked how was it entertaining, he said “ listening was fun and it still is” so apparently he is still using the radio and enjoying it. His favorite kind of media is the radio, listening to it makes him happy, and he prefers not to use other types of media at all. Because (B.S) loves spending tome with family and friends instead of just
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