Mass Dolphin Killing Persuasive Essay

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Mass dolphin murder is one of the many issues that are happening in our world today in the 21st century. The Documentary Called “The Cove” would make the viewers open their eyes of what this world actually is and the secret Taiji, Japan is trying to keep. This situation would show us why these activists struggle so hard to stop this social issue. One of the reasons being, the mass murder by the fishermen, and the captivity of the dolphins by the Sea World’s organization. Dolphin meat is sold illegally and people are buying it, unaware of the health risks. Lastly, activists are at risk from trying to protect the dolphins. These are the countless risks that the happy dolphins go through. We don’t see their pain because they always seem like they are smiling. Generally dolphins are happy and most people don’t realize how they hurt them. This is why…show more content…
It is a major issue that should not be ignored because fishermen are murdering dolphins behind the scenes in the cove of Taiji, and the SeaWorld Organization’s capture of the dolphins. To finish off, activist at risk from helping dolphins should be set free. This is why mass murder of dolphins and potentially a mass murder of people is relevant to society. “There was a time when the only time and place where you could really appreciate these magnificent beings was in some kind of water park. An argument was created and sustained that this justified their presence and that entertainment was justified. However, we now have so many beautiful documentaries, photographs and insights into these wonderful whales that there is no possible justification for keeping them away from their natural environment. These whales have given so much pleasure for all of their lives to so many people that they certainly deserve to go free and be where they belong.” (Unknown,
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