Cause And Effect Of Mass Extinction

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In ecology and biology, the phenomenon of mass extinctions is the end of an assembly of organisms, most often a species.
The extinction of a species is characterized by the death of the last member of this species, however is very difficult to determine with exactitude the extinction of a species considering the vast eventual size of this one, that is why research are done with hindsight
In this paper we will try to make the most accurate hypothesis about the past instances of the mass extinctions by determining the causes and effects. Moreover we will provide contemporise example of the possibility that human-induced change may cause another cataclysmic event for species biodiversity, to conclude according to the theory of evolution we
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A dark future

Today, the possibility of a sixth mass extinction is not negligible. According to the numerous issues that our environment is facing nowadays the eventuality of another cataclysmic event for species biodiversity is probable. Considering the phenomena of land use change, overexploitation of the natural resource but also the degradation of the global climate due to the pollution of the natural environment. Those different factors are key elements in the cause of another dramatic event for species.

Land use Change

Population are increasing progressively and in order to feed the entire people, human are transforming the environment witch has huge consequences for species. In fact the demography of our land are changing very fast due to our requirement for space, whether it is to create sustenance, to live, to reproduce, to work or to give vitality all contend to land as an asset. Area utilization is likewise the prime reason for the misfortune or fracture of characteristic environments and their species. The scene to a huge degree mirrors the decisions that we make when utilizing area and ocean ( Biodiversity Information System for Europe,
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Keeping in mind the end goal to fulfil the expanded sustenance prerequisites, fossil fuels, for example, coal, petroleum and regular gas are being devoured at a quick rate. The overexploitation of fossil energizes is depending essential common assets as well as creating important pollution. Modern development has likewise brought about the exhaustion of ozone layer and deforestation (KHANNA, 2012). That means that species have no more space to live and are constraint to leave their natural habitat or died in worst case. Moreover this overexploitation is also highlight in the sea with an overfishing problem, still across the European board with 88 % of Community fish stocks angled down past greatest practical yields (implying that less angling weight now would permit stocks to recuperate); 30% of Community fish stocks are overfished outside safe natural confines that may not permit their recuperation (Biodiversity Information System for Europe,

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