Mass Hanging Lab Report

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According to your lab instructor, unhook the spring and remove the hanging mass from the centripetal force apparatus and determine the mass Hanging by using a balance. The radial indicator at the one extreme position. Used Vernier caliper to measure the diameter of the center pole, which is on centripetal force. Three times students have to measure the length of the pole, and at the end get an average. Students have to measure the distance between centers of the pole to the center of radial at the range of one. Use the length and diameter measurement to find out the radius of the rotation (R). After measuring the mass of the hanging mass, reattach the hanging mass to the string and attach the spring from the top of the cross arm. Before attaching the spring to the hanging mass, have to adjust the hanging mass to the pointed tip of the cross arm, it has to be exactly over the radial indicator.…show more content…
Also, while weighting the hanger and slotted, students have to record the measure and force, on when pulley pulling down the mass at the exact position over the radial. After getting the measure, remove the weight hanger. According to your lab instructor, all students should wear safety glasses because it applies torque to the shaft in the center pole to the mass going through radial fast with a revolution. Use the stopwatch to calculate the time while apparatus spinning 50 revolutions. Have to spine three times to get the average time for the 50 revolutions. From the average of the time of the 50 revolutions, have to find the period time of one revolution of each rotation. Based on the rotation of the mass, periods, and radius of the rotation, have to calculate
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