Mass Hysteria In The Crucible Essay

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In the play The Crucible we meet the town of Salem and how they are doing with a bunch of accusations on people being witches. A mass hysteria takes place with these people and they start calling out their friends and neighbors out as witches for more material gain. We meet John Proctor a man that tries to live the simple life. He loves his wife, and even though he cheated on her with the villainous Abbey, John still loves wife. John is poorer than some of the other farmers, but he owns a large portion of land that they all want. John’s wife is called out as a witch, and he tries to save her knowing these claims are false and are all made out by Abbey who wants John for herself. John does all he can to get back his wife he gets on his knees and begs. Soon John sacrifices all that he has in honor to get her back. A desperate man pleading, and begging people not to kill his wife because she has been falsely accused of being a witch. He needed some solid evidence to get her back. He gave up his dignity when he said the he had committed adultery on his wife. In the culture of the time this was a big crime, and was seen as one of the most heinous of crimes. John has now given what last shred of honor he had to get his wife back. John losing his respect in the town is a big deal because of all the things John represented to the people. John was a…show more content…
John knows he has wronged her and that she has done nothing to deserve being wronged the way John has done to her. John spends as much time as he can in his final moments trying to win her love back. John has been accused of being behind the whole uprising of witches. John is sentenced to death as is his wife for being a witch too. It their final moments the love each other, John literally sacrificed everything for his wife, and now he is going to die, but they forgive, and love each other, so in a way he did get her
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