Women In Three Sovereigns For Sarah

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In Three Sovereigns for Sarah, there is mass hysteria and confusion caused by little girls. This hysteria is being used by the preacher, Samuel Parris, to gain power and respect in the community of Salem Village. Abby Williams, Samuel Parris’ niece, starts getting into fortune telling and such illegal activities, as taught to her by the slave Tituba. Abby and other girls in the village act strange and start naming people for execution. Sarah and her two sisters are then named as witches. The first sister, Rebecca, is named and when she is said to be a witch, she says that she would rather be taken to trial and sentenced than run and be believed to be a witch. Rebecca has been condemned to jail like others before her and, eventually,…show more content…
The people charged were mainly women who owned small amounts of property. This property was passed on to men who owned larger quantities of the property when the women accused were sentenced and executed. The people who now owned more property had to pay more money to Samuel Parris and his family for their salary.

In the first part of Three Sovereigns for Sarah, there is a meeting about how the men do not want to pay for Samuel Parris and his family. Although some of the men were on Samuel Parris’ side, most were not. I believe that this is in today 's society because some people don 't want to pay taxes and they believe taxes are a waste. But taxes are a necessity to everyday life because they pay for roads, schools, and hospitals.

On the other side of the coin, taxes should be equal for everyone, not less for poor people and not more for rich people. I believe the tax system is essentially flawed and broken for this reason and like in Three Sovereigns for Sarah. The people who owned more land paid more. The people who owned less land paid less if any at all. That is why Samuel Parris used the system to his advantage. Parris kept naming women for the girls to kill off by accusing them of witchcraft. These women, in turn, had the property that Samuel Parris could give to men who already owned more land. This is causing the people to pay him more money for his
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The people affected were women as well as men. The fact of what happened in Salem demonstrates that this will probably occur many times in the
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