Mass Hysteria Research Paper

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Mass hysteria has harmed people over the years and are still being affected today. India witch hunts was alluded to the Salem witch hunts, it related to the accusations of targeting women. Witchcraft started in Salem 1692, and ended in 1693, however today people still believe in witchcraft. It makes people feel ill from unknown illnesses, stress out, and have illusions of threats. Today India is still being accused of witchcraft. Mass hysteria could be prevented by rights; the person must have the right to defend themselves, humans can not make false accusations, and killing or harming someone must be punished. Everyone deserves to have the right to defend their side. The ones listening must show them respect; they can not interrupt them at all. Villagers often accuse women of witchcraft and villagers will automatically believe it: they tend to accuse them out of revenge. Innocent people do not deserve being accused or punished. People may have unknown illnesses, and their minds makes them believe they see evil. It might be something very unusual but why accuse someone of it? A woman being accused might be innocent and deserve the right to prove they are not in contract with the devil. Their voices need to be heard and have the chance to prove their innocence.…show more content…
It is unbelievable 2,000 women were murdered in India of witchcraft. It is not a right to kill someone innocent. It does not matter whether accusers believe the person committed something wrong. The person killed could have been innocent, there was no evidence that they were harming anyone. Women are an easy target because women were defined as frail, and never accused men. It is depressing that the country or anywhere else is letting it happen. It has to stop, this can not continue any further. In order for it to stop the people who killed anyone of witchcraft is being punished. People need to understand it is
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