Mass Media And Globalization

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The mass media have a fundamental impact on the processes of social transformation of society. Because of the spread digital methods in information flowing, a rapid access to the satellite and cable television technologies, as well as the development of transnational media corporations it can be seen an involvement of different parts of the world into a new reality of the information, which is characterized by an unprecedented opportunity to wide access to all sorts of information and knowledge. Dynamical processes of modern journalism development and globalization of information space have affected almost all countries, both developed and those which are faced with some problems of restructuring economic and political relations. Press, radio…show more content…
This is evident in a variety of forms such as the same type of advertising, the same design, and format on the television and radio broadcast, the same content in many magazines, the same television shows and projects launched in various countries. It can be said that globalization is becoming such phenomenon due to the development of mass media systems. These provide a smooth information flowing to all corners of the world regardless of territorial and national identity. And along with the development of information technology, mass media have acquired a global…show more content…
Many people prefer to watch television programs and even news not on the television screen but on Web sites. This allows to selecting information that is appropriate to the individual interests of any person and to have access to it at any moment.
At the current stage of development and implementation of new technologies, the mass media have a few capabilities that enhance contact with the audience. Almost all electronic publications communicate with readers using the interactive dialogue, forums, questionnaires, voting, and rating. Some media even create a virtual “community of readers”, where people can communicate with the editors and with each other. It allows to hold people, and in fact, the best response in competing with traditional media is a regular reader.
Worldwide news networks promote the overcoming of cultural barriers, influencing public opinion, which leads to the consideration of all spheres of life in a global context. A common approach solving any kind of problems is formed, that allows to reach an overall agreement. Today, the media can provide people from different corners of the earth an objective and reliable information. And at the same in an era of rapid progress in the field of communication technologies and the emergence of different international problems can form a new global world

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