Mass Media And Mass Culture In The 1920's

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The Roaring Twenties was recognized as a Golden Age for its’ mass culture that shaped the new beliefs of those across the United States during the 1920s. This period was known for its’ thriving economy and political changes. New forms of leisure appeared because everyone had a fair amount of spare cash caused by the consumer society developing. Radios were bought, cinemas were opened, newspapers and magazines were sold; all sorts of mass media were methods of communication that emerged during this glorious era. They were not only tools of amusement, but also had the effect of spreading popular culture. Some said mass media were inappropriate and made youngsters addicted to daily fun. It is undeniable to say that the widespread of mass media, for instance, movies, radios, newspapers, and magazines during the 1920s created a stupendous impact in the people’s values and views nationwide. The 1920s was distinctive because of the rise of mass media. This was an era of transformation and modernization in assorted fields. Mass communications such as movies, radios, newspapers, and magazines expanded across the nation and appeared in almost all households by the end of the decade. Productions from famous film studios featured the well-known stars for a time. Radio stations broadcasted the popular topics, along with advertisements and music. Newspapers and magazines updated the newest information and offered diverse articles which hooked the readers with tempting visuals and
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