Mass Media And Society Is The Effect Of Media Violence On Children

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The most discussed and debated issue of mass media and society is the effect of media violence on children. Violence in media is said to influences aggressive behaviour of children. You may agree or disagree with this statement. Discuss your view on this issue based on journal articles as well other related references to support. Support your view with concrete and specific example.

Introduction According to Oxford University Press (2015), “Children” refers to the young human being who are below the age of adolescence or below the legal age of majority in law. Children’s behavior and thought are easily influenced by the environment that they had exposed such as community, home, school, peers, and media. In general, environment are not only the only factors that influenced children, but it is also depending on the age of the children. The stages in children’s development from dependency to independence are influences directly from the ways of the children learning from the environment. These theories have describing by many theorists like Maslow (1970), Erikson (1963), and Piaget (1967) (C. Barbour, N.H. Barbour, P.A. Scully, 2010).

Nowadays, media such as radio, television and internet, and printed media like fiction books, magazines, comics and novel have become one of the important part of our life which help us to transmit the information and knowledge. However, there are also some negative impacts bring by media to the public particularly to the

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