Mass Media And The Media

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Communication outlets play an important role in today’s changing world. They have become more than mass media; these have influenced communication processes and played a part in revolutions and in changing the understanding of the world by influencing democratization movements. However, it has not been so simple for all countries. State control has put enfaces in protecting their news outlets for portraying information beneficiary to the control of their regime. Academic researchers have found a relation between democratized governments and their press freedom . It shows how dictatorial regimes have limited to any freedom of speech. Cuba and North Korea remain the only Cold War frontiers with Communist Parties ruling in a dictatorship.
They deserve attention in many aspects and international organizations have tried to help as much as they can. Freedom of speech plays an important role in human rights; nevertheless, it is not one of the most urgent needs in a country that lacks basic assistance for nutrition, health, water, and sanitation . It is true that these are the two most similar countries in today’s global arena because from its history they have both suffer from extreme closed borders sanctions by most of the world, led by the United States with their anti-communist policies that continue from the Cold War.
In this paper, the enfaces is given on the important role state control media outlets play for understanding people’s relation to their government propaganda
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