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The mass media filters information regarding politics to its viewers and the viewers are not provided with reliable information. This has caused the viewers to believe and interpret what is not accurate thus, affecting their judgement. It is believed that mass media results to press framing and selective exposure in order to protect the image of politicians and hide important information. Moreover, media is bias in shaping their preferred outcome and filters media content to its viewers. The themes that we managed to extract from these journals are press framing, selective exposure, media is bias in shaping their preferred outcome and filtered content. The following paragraphs discusses these themes and different authors’ views on the topic…show more content…
J.M Balkin stated in his journal that the most effective strategy for hiding something might be to leave it out in the open, and only differ the context in which people view it. Instead of covering up the facts, one should instead seek to amend background reality (Balkin, 1999). Besides that, the prior research has continually documented a hostile media effect in which people perceive bias in sensible reporting on political controversies (Arceneaux, Johnson, & Murphy, 2012). According to Jimmy Chan, voters prefer highly partisan news either because they are accurately ideologically extreme or due to a tendency towards excessive selective exposure are politically “important” (Chan & Stone, 2013). Paul D’Angelo argues that the perception that the news media incompletely cover politics strengthened the political cynicism whereas the perception that news media oversimplified issues amplified feelings of skepticism (D’Angelo & Lombard, 2008). This maybe the reason why many individuals are not alert of what really happens behind the scene. Now is common to rely on alternative news instead of mainstream…show more content…
According to Michael A. Cacciatore, the distinctions in substance recommend that public discourse is molded by information platform of media consumers (Cacciatore et al., 2012). Mass media only display certain information in order to get the response that they want from the public or that can benefit them. J.M Balkin states that politicians and political operatives can invigorate the political virtues of straightforwardness through expository and media control (Balkin, 1999). As stated before, mass media is believed to be condoning to media manipulation and tend to convert coverage of politics. On the other hand, Carl Robert Keyes suggests that focus is given to newspaper advertisements for patriotic purposes and other prints related to U.S history (Keyes, 2014). This is to gain the public’s support and avoid any sort of chaos among the citizens. Kevin Arceneaux said that on the off chance that individuals become wary of news sources that they consider predispositioned, they might just expend news from ideologically suitable sources and get to be scornful of option perspectives (Arceneaux et al., 2012). However, Jimmy Chan states that people have a tendency to look for data affirming their former convictions and dodge data testing those convictions for mental reasons proposing that voters don't pick the most useful news sources (Chan & Stone, 2013). According to Roger

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