Mass Media In Fashion

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Media is a buzzword in the era of globalization. It has been widely recognized that the media can play a substantial role in the promotion and dissemination of information. The media is a key player in the social and economic development of women. Mass communication media in Bangladesh like every modern and advanced country, comprises of television, radio, Internet, film, press and advertising. TV channels have plenty of young, good looking and smart women either as actresses or news presenters. Magazines as well as newspapers have sections for females where the reader is left with a new method or technology for beauty practice, ads of beauty products and colourful pictures of beautiful models. This section is concentrated on beauty
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Celebrity culture, which is a production of the media surrounds us and even invades us. Combine the increasing importance of celebrities with the way the beauty standard is portrayed in the media; the potential for physical and psychological damage certainly demands serious attention. When we talk of something having an influence on someone, we are in essence referring to its effect or power to affect. According to Thomas F. Cash, “many people find it hard to accept what they look like”. (Thomas F. Cash 2011). This is no surprise, given our society’s over-emphasis on looks and the media’s message, that to be accepted you must be attractive, thin, or tall etc. It is inevitable that the media begins to shape and direct our taste. Such in the volume and repetition, that many standards automatically gets made and as a consequence, the standard that slim and fair is beautiful for example, ultimately gets taken for granted and accepted. Women, especially young women try to follow the message given by the media without considering the effects of it. The aim of this study is to explore how media and society’s alleged standards of beauty influences young women to define what ‘beauty’ is and how women perceive their body appearance, because the role of the media be it in print or electronic is gaining importance every single day and has established a standard in various sectors, beauty sector is one of them. In addition, this paper will examine…show more content…
Although I was able to go pass that phase with my head held high and learning to love myself the way I am, I think this puts me in the right place as a student researcher to carry out this study because I have not only gone through what so many young women are going through but I am also a media student who has been trained in different courses on how to write a research paper.

Research topic and field
The topic of this research is, ‘Media and young women’s self-esteem’. For the purpose of this research the field of media studies (advertising, and all forms of media) will be used in locating the relevant research needed to complete this study.

Locating research literature
For the purpose of this research, the Murdoch library and a few other search engines were used in locating relevant literature, strictly journal articles, books and book sections for the literature review. The Key words were, Media, self-esteem, women, and beauty. Also, a frequent check will be carried out often in order to keep track of any literature that appears in journals during the duration of this
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