Mass Media In Modern Society

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In modern society, media represents the dominant means of social communication, it plays a central role in informing the public about what happens across the world, predominantly in areas in which audiences do not possess direct knowledge or experience. Mass media gives to individuals and groups a permanent intense stream of data, facts and ideas that when transmitted, proposes certain meanings that can create a certain image about the world. According to Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, two members of the Club of Rome “mass-media has become one of the main agents in the shaping of the public opinion and of peoples’ thinking”
There are three theories of audience that we can apply to help us come to a better understanding about the relationship
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In accordance with Herbert I. Schiller, America’s media managers create, process and preside over the circulation of images and information which determine peoples’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Audiences’ tastes, desires, and fears are manipulated by the media, creating a false sense of reality, delivering only certain information about an event or other. Paulo Freire said that the manipulation of human minds is an instrument of conquest, and mass media manipulation is an instrument used to control public…show more content…
This means that mass media works as a creator of an agenda with classifications and priorities for the mass audience. This theory formulated by the American researchers M. McCombs and D.L. Shaw is named agenda setting. ("Agenda Setting Theory", 2016) A notable example of how media has been used as an instrument to control public opinion can be seen in The United Fruit Company counter revolution in the early 50’s of Guatemala.
The United Fruit Company first became an institution in Guatemala under the reign of Gen. Jorge Ubico. Ubico’s favorable attitude toward outside investment prompted UFCO to become thoroughly involved in Guatemala. When Jacabo Arbenz (then president of Guatemala) implemented land reform, over 400,000 acres of UFCO land was expropriated. This discrepancy caused UFCO to appeal to the U.S. government for intervention and launch an all-out propaganda war against the Arbenz regime. UFCO hired Edward Bernays, a prominent public relations man with numerous ties to American politics and media, to produce this

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