Mass Media In Our Society

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Mass media plays a very significant part in our society and lives, it provides entertainment to a vast audience and broadcasts information at a fast pace. Everyday we see about 2000 advertisements. These vary from the commercials we see on billboards to the ones we hear on the radio. These commercials convey a certain type of message to the targeted audience and can manipulate people’s attitudes and opinions. As these advertisements play a huge role in our daily lives, we would expect them to be very close to reality but unfortunately these advertisements are very far from reality. More than half of the world’s population comprises women, this contributes to fact that advertising industry includes a lot of women. Furthermore the women these adverts portray are very unrealistic. The three extremes they portray are as the average house wives, the flawless beautiful women and as the inferior sex symbol. If we look at the average women, she does not spend her whole day to wash clothes and make them stain free and sparkly clean, she does not have a model like figure with a flawless face and she absolutely does not try to look scantily claud to gain attention from the opposite sex. The average women is very different from what the media portrays.
First of all in 2010 about 58% of all women were part of the working population moreover a survey which was conducted by families and the professional institutes concluded that 50% of all men contribute to the chores at home and help

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