Mass Media In Pakistan

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A multi-ethnic and class-divided culture is imitated in the Pakistani media landscape. A vivacious media landscape exists in Pakistan Since 2002. , the Pakistani media has become prevailing and autonomous. Mass media constitutes the backbone and plays a powerful role to in the information technology of a country. Media has a strong contribution providing information and bearing the responsibility of making people think about an issue. Other than television and radio, media structure includes a vast display of regularly published printed material, advertising. Some new apparatuses of communication has emerged as new media including the Internet, mobile phones, fax etc. Various other devices of communication as, language, print media and billboards etc. are also provided by the mass media. This helps to grub up a huge amount of people at the same time for instance, television programs are watched by people at so many different places (Berger, 2002:21-22). The concepts of citizenship and the things which are not only private but reachable and noticeable by all the citizens refer to ‘public’. And by the public sphere we mean a realm of our social life in which something approaching public opinion can be formed with access for all citizens (Habermas, 1974: 49). A zone in which all the citizens put their coherent ideas together in an organized manner is a public sphere. These views influence the multiple thought institutions of society. In a public body citizens discuss their

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