Mass Media In Politics

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as improvised from real poiltics. Real politics, a term in German that means political power, is an approach to international diplomacy that is more based on power rather than morality and world opinion. Netpolitik is a new mode of diplomacy that used the internet to establish the maximum capacity of politics, culture, values and personal identity. So, this netpolitik range of issues such as the legitimacy of the software that is more moral, cultural identity, social values and public perception.
How TIC Shapes the Practice of Diplomacy and Transform it to become eDiplomacy
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi stressed the importance of the digital world in the era of globalization to support the work, including the work of diplomats.
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The mass media is the source of all information sought community and is one form of communication today. Communication is defined as a reformulation of an idea not only the information society just to pass information from the source to the public or society, but by using a manual with the symbol, slogan, or the main theme as well. The mass media as a communication tool has an influence on political, relating to political communication. Political communication itself is a form of communication that governs the activities of actions and attitudes humans in situations of conflict which is based on the consequences (Jalaluddin Rachmat, 1989: 5). In political communication, mass media have a position and role as a transmitter which is a wide variety of political messages other parties outside itself, as well as the sender of political message created (constructed) by the reporters to audience. The mass media also used to absorb various political broadcast information and to convey political ideas political actors to the public. Other than that, mass media journalists also used to produce a variety of political messages because a high value news of a political event. Not to mention, the function of media as public opinion formers are very visible in countries that embrace democratic

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