Mass Media Influence On Society

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With the evolution of technology in some decades, mass media have been becoming extremely powerful in shaping people’s ideas since humans’ way of thinking is depend on their previous experiences and the recent information they gain, and the media is supporting in gaining these additional knowledge. As mass media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet, are designed to deliver not only information, and latest news about political affairs, science and technology improvement and climate changes around the world, but also all kinds of entertainment like games, videos and music created by performers, artists and musicians for the humanity to be amused and to release stress from their pressure of work, studies and etc., to the large audience all around the world, it is likely for the society to make use of it to be in the mainstream, the universal thought of prevailing things. It is very imperative to think over whether the media is prominent in people’s everyday life and activities because it affects the important aspects of people’s lives, thoughts and attitudes that are the most crucial parts of the civilization in great measure. This essay describes about how the mass media shape people’s ideas of firstly cultures and traditions, then education and lastly fashion for all age and gender, and the benefits and disadvantages of these.

Initially, it can be observed that the media impacts the cultures of every country. Each country has different cultures,
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