Mass Media Misconceptions

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What misconceptions does mass media play in the role of discrimination against Islam and Muslims? Introduction Muslims face challenges that often reflect a lack of acceptance of their religious identity which is portrayed negatively in society’s mass media. The manifestation of discrimination and intolerance towards Muslims has grown from a magnitude of things such as terrorist attacks in specific. Islamophobia has given many Americans the justification needed to discriminate against many Muslims who follow the Islamic faith. As a society we are consistently being marginalized and divided by racial markers. Islam through Editorial Lenses: How American Elite Newpapers Portrayed Muslims Before and After September 11, 2001 (Trevino 2010) A. Trevino quotes, “Much misrepresentation about Islam and its followers are still heavily present in American society due to media portrayal, cultural and language barriers, and a lack of understanding of Islamic religion.” Trevino mentions that many Muslim Americans are often subjected to oppressive actions and this is because of the misconception people have about their religion. Things such as the World Trade Center bombings,

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