Mass Media Role In Socialization

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The mass media are powerful agent of socialization; it affects the way we perceive the world, influence our taste in popular culture, our political views as well as our beliefs and practices. It has the ability to shape and create new values, thus transforming every aspect of our lives. However mass media have a darker side, it is the most “effective propaganda vehicle” today. Mass media are often accused and blamed for youth violence and many others of our society’s ills. Advertising also plays a major role in socialization by creating and reinforcing stereotypes.
Instead of using this new and powerful agent to create awareness and educate people to ameliorate our environment, still advertisers are sometimes incapable of finding the right
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Johnny Farah is a Lebanese designer of luxury belts, bags and accessories; he owns stores in Saifi village/Beirut central district, Dubai and New York. Johnny Farah launched an event in Beirut to celebrate his collaboration with the photographer Joe Kesrouani as noted in the picture. In order to promote his event Farah used disastrous pictures in which he showed some belts and bags. This ad or event was first of all addressed to Lebanese people because it was happening in Beirut so it’s easier for them to attend it but it could have also been targeted to his customers from Dubai and New York. However the main target of this ad was actually wealthy people since it is a high end product, plus his stores are based in very luxurious regions. The ad was posted on his website as well as in his own stores. In his ads Johnny Farah shows some of his belts collection as well as his bags. In the first artwork, we can see a man covered in multiple different belts pushing a woman forward with one hand and pulling her neck back with a belt. We can notice that neither the man nor the woman faces are showing. The man’s face is covered with a belt which can give a sign of power, he looks angry and violent. As for his body, it’s covered with different belts and it looks like he’s wearing an armor to protect himself while abusing other people. As a result the man looks and can be represented like a terrorist. On the other hand, the woman appears completely the opposite. She looks like a victim, she surrender to her faith; her arms are wide open and she’s not trying to fight back. Her head is covered with a bag we can’t see her face nor her expressions, exactly like any prisoner. This ad shows the discrimination between the genders whereas the man have all the power and he’s the oppressor and the woman should always obey him and do as he pleases even if it includes violence. However Johnny Farah didn’t stop here in his

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