Mass Migration In Scott Russell Sanders's Staying Put

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Within the work Staying Put, Scott Russell Sanders makes many perspectives about moving in a passage. In such passage, he responds to Salman Rushdie’s views of mass migration and how it creates “radically new types of the human being”, but is that such a bad thing? When people move to a new place it is usually to escape from a sorrowful existence whether from an abusive government or the forces of nature. Either is strong enough to make men or women into a vagabond. And when they move on they bring with them their culture, their views, and also their beliefs; which may hinder them or help them. Therefore, is it more hurtful to one and their new way of life to bring and use the ways of old? In Rushdie’s work he claims that “we could do with…show more content…
If one would meet a new group of people and believe to be superior to them, it could hurt the potential friendship and partnership to be achieved. Holding on to their views is hurtful to ones chances of survival in a new, vague land. The best strategy for moving on is to hold to your beliefs, but not too tightly. There may come a time where the ways of old help your situation incredibly, or there may come a point where they no longer “hold water” as their use is no longer practical, but is a hindrance to your new way of life. To live and truly be free from the chains of society you must be malleable and able to be shaped into something new and more beautiful. New times and places bring new challenges that must be overcome. Scott Russell Sanders made a very excellent response, yet some was not needed to be said, to live simple and free with moving one only has to be open to new ideas, or new practices and behavior. Make the most of you r predicament and use it to your own advantage. Apply old skills, and learn new ones. Becoming a migrant may bring out the best in an individual, or maybe even mankind as a
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