Serial Killer Essay

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Serial Killers are everywhere throughout history. From Jack the Ripper who targeted prostitutes to the Anthrax Killer who sent letters laced with a very pure form of the disease-causing bacteria. Sometimes Investigation takes many years to catch the killer but in some cases the killers are never caught. These Notorious killers sent shockwaves of panic and fear throughout their communities. To fully understand all of this, we need to understand what a serial killer is. The distinct difference between a mass murderer and a serial killer is one of motive. Mass murderers kills for a specific reason i.e. revenge, gang violence, cover ups. Serial killers usually kill strangers for a sexual or empowering desire. Most serial killers are heterosexual but some (“Killer Clown” John Wayne Gacy was bisexual and William Bonin, “The Freeway Killer” Nilsen, and Dahmer were homosexual. Psychologist Dr. Joel Morris has distinguished 7 phases to a serial killer’s activity
“(1) Aura--day dreams and fantasies. (2) Trolling--cruising and contact.
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They see things, hear voices and have a false perception of reality. (2) A Psychopath is the second class of killer. A psychopath is completely aware of the differences of right and wrong they just don’t care. The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) has further classified into (1) Asocial killers typically are loners and prefer to knock out their victims, finds them near from where they live and work and will dispose of the corpse as quickly as possible. Disorganized and unprepared. (2) Non-social killers tend to be anti-social although less that of an asocial killer. They can maintain friendships easier. They tend to be more organized, they plan and prepare ahead of time. Non-social killers will stalk a victim and wait for the right time to strike and when they do they leave the body out in the open for show. Can you classify some of these
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