Mass Shooting History

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Mass shooting has been a problem since gun was made available to the public. There is no broadly accepted definition of the term ‘mass shooting,' many people uses the FBI definition in which 4 or more people are killed including the perpetrator with a gun. Mass shooting can be committed by a person or an organisation, but in recent times due to a rise in terrorism, most are committed now due to their beliefs. Many countries like United Kingdom and Australia have changed their gun laws in the wake of mass shooting. I am going to be looking at how gun laws are different in each countries especially between United States and Australia since they are so alike, and why one country could get rid of mass shooting but not another.
Issue & Perspective
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According to many people’s beliefs, getting rid of gun is a long and hard process. But it is not as hard as normal people think it is. A neighbour country that is a lot like America has been able to enforce laws following a deadly mass shooting that shocked the nation called Port Arthur mass shooting in 1996 and thus forced the Australia to pass sweeping gun control laws known as buy back, this created a major outcry, but soon all guns were bought back and destroyed, or securely locked up. Since then there had been 0 mass shooting, and use of guns had dropped by factors of 18 percent., and there was 0 mass shooting since then, with 13 mass shooting before in the past 18 years. The most remarkable thing is that it was done under 3 and a half months. The only sad part was that the man who adopted the gun buy back policy, made a political suicide when he tried and get it…show more content…
That is not true as the Second amendment said,“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The gun enthusiast only remembers the ‘bear arms’ part, and forget that it is for a ‘well-regulated militia' it said nothing about private individuals.
Evaluation of possible future scenarios & solutions:
There is high chance, that use of guns would stop but other forms are easily available like the crossbow which could easily be homemade, and used, and there are also the possibility of 3D printing a gun which is available and could be downloaded and print. Knives of all sizes are also easily available and could be easily bought and used. Thus gun control would be deemed useless, government might solve this problem by putting ban on these equipment, which would have caused the people to have an outcry.
Another possible outcome is that the people accepted that guns are unavailable to the country , and goes on to live with their lives. There is no solution as there is no

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