Mass Shooting Theory

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“The U.S. ranks first in gun ownership per capita, with roughly 270 million firearms, or 89 firearms per 100 residents” (Palazzolo & Flynn). Even though most of the firearms that are bought are used for hunting animals, some are used for killing people. In 2015, “no more than eight days this year have passed without a mass shooting” (Speiser). This seems like a very bad statistic as that is many people's lives that are getting snuffed out. In this research paper, there will be a literature review about mass shootings, as well as a theory that fits mass shootings, and how this theory applies to mass shootings. When a mass shooting happens, no one is prepared for it. The only person that would be prepared is the shooter. The other people have to run and hide with the fear that they would get hurt. “Mass murder – the killing of 4 or more people at one location within one event – is a rare but appalling tragedy” (Knoll 2013). Even though it is a rare tragedy, it has been happening more over the past couple of years. It is appalling to have such a tragedy, because the people that committed the murder want to get their anger out and they do not care how many people they hurt. There is an example of a mass shooter, who did not care about what he was doing. It was back in the 1960s and a man had climbed the bell tower…show more content…
“The fear of school shootings is greatly exaggerated in comparison with other risks such as riding in a car” (Borum et al. 2010). Although school shootings do not happen a lot, they are still needed to be feared. If you fear something you become more aware of your surroundings. Although, after a school shooting happens somewhere, all the other schools in the country will be more cautious than they were before the shooting. For a school shooting, if a teacher or faculty member were to have fear and believe that something was going to happen, then they should tell the
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