How Do Gun Control Laws Deter Crime

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Through the past 50 years gun problems have peaked and caused issues through the public and media and even government has gotten involved on the issue. Lately the issue has increased incredibly. Mass shootings have become more frequent in the 2000s. It seems as if terrorism has frequently risen but alongside that so have our defenses to stop these things. Defenses are important for saving human lives. Gun control laws may restrict these people who are responsible from defending themselves. So honestly gun control contradicts itself as much as it helps.
For starters does gun laws really deter crime. No, honestly gun control does not deter crime in all cases. For instance, Chicago which may be the crime capital of the united states, there has
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However, these gun laws are rising for a reason. The amount of mass shootings and terrorism have become more prevalent in the United States it seems especially. Throughout the years things have changed in the way people act and the way they deal with things. People's attitudes have a huge impact and big things such as these. Guns just happen to be one of the biggest problems that is affected by people's attitudes. For, the thing is that when people's attitudes drive them to do such things as mass shootings and other things such as suicides and homicides. These sort of things point the attention from the messed up people with the messed up attitudes to guns. In another sense, you have heard the saying “guns don't kill people, people kill people”. Honestly, this is one of the most accurate statements for guns don’t point themselves and they do not pull their own trigger. Guns, just like anything else, are a tool which happens to be misused often. You do not hear stories of how car wrecks are blamed completely on the car. No, there are always different factors that completely take the blame off of the object. The sad thing about this is these same factors that may have caused a car wreck and some casualties would not be looked upon in a mass shooting. You rarely hear about mass shootings being blamed on alcohol or mental issues or other important factors. These things are blamed solely on the guns it seems. Although, my point being that the guns are not the issue of homicides, suicides, and mass shootings people do not look upon this in this way. So, in my opinion we should care less about gun laws and have more gun education. People need to know how guns work and how to properly work them. This is the way that we can cut down on our accidental deaths, homicides, suicides, and mass shootings. People should know about these thing so they may know about what they're getting themselves

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