Mass Shootings

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Mass Shootings, Riya Desai, February 27, 2018, Period Five On the 14th of February, it was a normal day. Many kids were smiling, laughing, until it happened. At Stoneman Douglas, a school in Parkland, gunshots were heard all around. A mass shooting had happened, killing 17 people in the process. Mass shootings are large problems in the world, shootings have many fatalities, people are afraid to go to schools, but there are multiple solutions like the one Australia took. Shootings have many fatalities, the most being in the US. In the chart from the UNODC, it shows "60% of homicides in the US are from guns," Guns in the US: The Statistics Behind the Violence. The same chart shows that in Canada, Australia, and the UK, there is less then 15%. That’s a fourth of the number here in the US. In the same article by BBC, it says, "No official figure exists but there are thought to be about 300 million in the US, held by about a third of the population." That exact number of guns is enough to give every man, woman, and child a gun in the country. The article also shows in a chart from Politifact, "11,101 people die from guns in the US, while 17 dies in terrorist attacks." Gun deaths are 653 times the amount of terrorism deaths, 653. Terrorist attacks are extremely deadly, yet guns, something found in many people 's homes, kill 653 times that amount. There are multiple fatalities, just in the US alone. Mass shooting are so deadly, people are afraid to go to a school because of the
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