Mass Violence: War And Mass Shootings

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Fear struck the community, this dark and stormy night. Things came in stages and out of nowhere. We begin our remembrance ceremony here today with broken hearts in this town in which about 3 weeks ago, this place became the site for yet again another fatal shooting. About half the community killed in a deadly mass shooting in this dome. As we stand here in this ceremony joined by victims and community with points of light shining in the darkness. In this place that this horrific scene occurred. As we hear over the loudspeakers “I don’t believe that this insane team of monsters, should have ever been able to obtain a firearm”. The ceremony ended and I get a flashback of a message that was sent to me before I knew that this war and mass shooting had occurred. The message reads people are being shot in my room and dying. My jaw hit the ground. From then on I didn’t know if my sister was dead or alive. I never thought this would happen to me as a sister. We are still placed at the ceremony and an object came out of nowhere goes BANG! And again. “WE ARE BEING BOMBED ON, RUN”. The bomb hit like a lightning bolt from the sky, dangerous, rare with the fact that you don’t see them often and fast when it strikes. Glancing around homes are being shattered and smashed inside out. Saddest things of all, peoples lives are being taken and come to an end today. These conditions appeared in stages. First stage gas was put through the hole at the top of the dome, that created a death

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