Massa Tom Lee Character Analysis

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Massa Tom Lea represents all the beliefs and values of the Rational Era because he finds truth

through reason, importance through his individual self, and he believed that the idea of Patriotism

grows over time.

Massa Tom Lea is obviously the Devil in disguise. A rapist slave-owner who didn 't care about


but himself. I guess thats all that was around back in the day with most white slave-owners. He

valued importance in his individual self and whoever worked for him got nothing but bad

treatments. Chicken George on the other hand, got Second-to-none treatment from him because he

was his son, and he

was bringing him in the most money in the fastest amount of time. Because of his self-

centeredness, he often betted against a rich English Cockfighter,
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As you would assume, things would start going his way again, but only until the Emancipation

Proclamation was signed. Between his bad times; when everything seemed to be going as well as it

possibility could, he was really finding out a lot about himself. He was raping his slaves as usual,

and having kids left and right. This period really started to shed some light on his cold-hearted body

and proved that he had a little more to offer, than hatred towards others.

By a lot of the actions that he did throughout the story. He found out a lot about himself and the


he treated other people towards the end of the story, and he found himself through reason and

belief. He found himself very important to the world and was very high up on the list of respectable

people throughout the story. Importance in the individuals did play a very big role through Massa

Tom Lea, and throughout the story. He believe that people were inherently good and that they

passed down things; one from another. His family has had slaves for a long time and i believe that

that is where his belief came
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