Massage Therapy And Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Massage therapy and physical therapy go hand in hand. There are many common elements in the two, and some of the school textbooks can even be used for both. Many physical therapy centers hire massage therapists. Physical therapists, sometimes called physiotherapists, and massage therapists work together to achieve the same goal: helping their clients.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do? A Physical Therapist (PT) has many responsibilities. Some of these include:
• easing patient 's pain
• rehabilitation from injuries
• helping them increase their mobility
• helping to prevent further injuries
• using equipment, exercises, hands-on therapy and stretches
• treating patients with hydrotherapy, such as hot and cold packs
• skin and wound care
• prescribing and putting on supportive devices and equipment
• diagnosing patients ' movements that are dysfunctional
• using orthopedic tests for diagnostic purposes
• helping patients and their families with their recovery process
• promoting independence by emphasizing what patients can do by themselves
• making a plan of care for patients and evaluating their progress
• consulting with a doctor or surgeon about their patients ' health People seek physical therapy for several different injuries and conditions. A PT can speed up the healing process quite a lot with the machines, exercises and hands on treatments that they do. Physical Therapists go to school for usually 4-10 years after high school. Their

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