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The Master Chef series now has a second generation called "All Clad Master Chef 2" or "MC2." This is the latest and greatest from All Clad cookware.

So what 's the difference? You have already learned about the quality of All Clad on our home page, so you can expect the quality to be just as outstanding. However, you will notice that there are polished handles rather than brushed metal. In our opinion it not only feels better, but looks better when they pots are hanging up.

The new generaton of All Clad Master Chef 2, has a core made of aluminum unlike cookware that covers the bottom only. Master Chef 2 has aluminum all the way up the sides for optimum heat dispersement.

You will notice with all All Clad cookware and All Clad Master chef sets that it is not good to put them in the dishwasher. With any stainless cook ware you will want to make sure that the pot or pan is always properly seasoned. This will give you the best cooking results. By putting them in the dishwasher, this can actually remove the seasoning or ruin the pan. After it has been ruined you will notice food sticking to the bottom more often than not, no matter how much grease you use. You should wash them gently and then season them again before putting them away.
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It includes hand polished stainless steel will not react with food, handles that stay cool to the touch, and tight seals to keep food fresh, juicy and nutritious. They do have a limited warranty but you shouldn 't need it if you take care of them properly. The 7 piece set comes with an 8 inch frying pan, 1.5qt sauce pan, a 3qt saute pan and a large 6 quart stock pot.

Other features you can rely on are that they heat quickly and evenly, are made in the USA, will not react with food, safe in the oven up to 500 degrees, and available to purchase online and ships

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