Master Degree In Architecture

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It is undeniable that architects are the ones who shape this world in which we live; epitomizing Winston Churchill's quote -"we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us".
With this letter, I hereby wish to state my interest and appreciation for the opportunity to apply for the challenging yet interesting Master degree program in Architecture at the Dessau International Architecture Graduate School – DIA. / My application for the challenging yet interesting Master degree in Architecture at the Dessau International Architecture Graduate School – DIA stems from the internationalist perspective and desire to study at one of the best universities in Germany.
Today I perceive that life for me has been a process of conscious evolution. As I embark
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Living in such an environment with people having similar goals and aspirations is an enthralling experience and of considerable importance in one’s professional career. Germany’s welcoming foreign policy, excellent education standards and distinct approach to teaching have all inspired me tremendously. My objective is to pursue the Master of Architecture course, taught entirely in English, plus living and breathing the international atmosphere and integrating with English and German speaking people in order to develop a third language. This is undoubtedly one of the motivations for studying in a country as multicultural as Germany. The opportunity to pursue the master's course represents the next important challenge in my life and momentous milestone to step up onto further education. Student experiences’ proved that studying and living abroad can help not only broaden my horizons but also accelerate my personal and academic growth as…show more content…
With a desire to explore how science and technology can be used to improve the performance of buildings both socially and environmentally, architecture has brought out the dichotomy of my personality, allowing me to engage both creatively and scientifically with the aesthetic and functional aspects of design. In pursuit to enhance my drafting skills using industry-standard software, I have completed several computer aided drafting courses developing ideas through experimentation. Communication is a skill in which I have developed over the years of education in order to approach the differences of culture, race and upbringing - I have found to be vital to the role of an architect as we deal with a plethora of specialists from varied corners of the world and have to organize into one project different
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