Personal Narrative: My Life As A School Social Worker

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Oprah Winfrey points out that “Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing by doing the things you are not supposed to do”. Consequently, her words have been my thoughts in the last couple months as I have realized the purpose of my doing in life as a school social worker.
At this point of my career, I have realized my doing in life is to give back to those who are vulnerable and are in need of help which is one of the reasons why I have decided to pursue my Master Degree of Social Work. Typically, some characteristics that a social worker should have are empathy, courage, respect for diversity, and being ethical and flexible. These are characteristics that I believe I have and helped me while working with youth at the elementary
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My long-term professional aspiration is to become a school social worker. Once I get to that stage of my life, one my goals is to increase the involvement of parents in the student’s education. More specially, I want to increase the involvement of parents in low-income schools. The reason behind that is because I believe that if parents become more aware of the issues that a student may encounter then the parent or the guardian is more understanding of the issues and they will have an easier time work with not only the social worker but with the whole school as…show more content…
First reason being, because Aurora University has always been a very diverse intuition in terms of always welcoming all students while also being flexible in the different programs they offer in many departments. Secondly, because this institution has always been closely connected with the community and the local organizations. This is extremely important to me because as a resident of Aurora, I am a person who is always looking to be involved in the community which I know the institution does that often. Finally, because Aurora University is the institution where I will complete my undergraduate degree. My intention has always been to stay at the same instruction because it has not only made me grow professionally but it has also led me to many opportunities in my professional goals. Throughout my undergraduate years, I have experience, achieve, and learn many things. More importantly, in the past few years, I have come to realize my doing in life is to do what I do best which also brings me the best joy. As I stated before, that joy comes from helping the vulnerable and being the voice that they need. I know this challenges will not be easy but I’m confident in my abilities to complete this degree which will ultimately lead to making an even bigger impact in the lives many students and
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