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Throughout The Analects of Confucius Master Kong has a collection of sayings and wise words that focus on many different aspects of life. One large emphasis that Master Kong has, is the emphasis on the importance of government specifically on how to run a successful government. A portion of his sayings focus on the how to be a good ruler, as well as how to be a good public servant. A ruler is someone who rules the government, while a public servant is a government official. Master Kong speaks about how trust is extremely important for rulers and administrators to maintain order. He also speaks on how to be a good public servant they must be able to please the common people and be sacrificial. Master Kong puts a large emphasis on gaining…show more content…
There is even an emphasis on a public servant being willing to sacrifice their life in order to achieve humaneness, “The determined public servant and the humane man never seek to preserve in such a way as to injure humanness, but they will sometimes even sacrifice their lives in order to achieve humaneness.” (15.9) Master Kong says that “the public servant must be broad-sho78uldered and stout-hearted. His burden is heavy and his way is long. For humanness is the burden he has taken on himself; is it not true that it is a heavy one to bear? Only with death does his journey end; is it not true that he has far to go?” (8.7)Master Kong is saying that a public servant takes all of the weight humanness and rests it upon his shoulder, and the only way for his journey to end is if he dies. . Master Kong says, “A public servant who is intent on the Way, but is ashamed of bad clothes and bad food, is not all fit to be consulted.” (4.9) In saying this he is making it evident that a good public servant should not prioritize material possessions, but should focus on following the Way. This is another example of sacrificing a specific way of life. This is similar to when Master Kong says, “it is although one in a public servant cherishes staying at home, one is inadequate to perform the tasks of a public servant.” (14.2) It is important…show more content…
This is a similar idea as to what he encourages the public servants to do. It is important that both of these roles of authority set good examples for the common people. The public servants do this through living a life full of sacrifice. They are constantly sacrificing things in their lives to follow the Way and set examples for the other people. They are also setting a good example by showing that they genuinely care for all of the common people. Confucius encourages his students to be virtuous because this will cause the common people to gravitate towards the servant people because it will give the common people the desire to be better people. They will look up to the servant people have the desire to be more like

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